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Just off the coast of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama, a large dead zone is anticipated to grow in the next few weeks, largely due to record amounts of water flowing down the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is the longest river in the United States and the.
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The shooting shut down the Walmart in Southaven, a city of about 55, in northern Mississippi, about 13 miles from Memphis. Police cars and crime scene tape blocked off access to the store, where the authorities said they had also responded to reports of a fire and a suspicious package.

The chief, who did not take questions at the news conference, said that police officers had undergone active shooter training this month. After the shooting, Walmart employees, some still in their uniforms, gathered in a circle outside the store and held hands in prayer, according to a local reporter at the scene. It is the kind of event that everyone dreads.

Scientists suspect that Hurricane Barry, which made landfall along the Louisiana coast on July 13 as a Category 1 storm , stirred up the waters and disrupted the growth of the dead zone. The dead zone is expected to continue its rapid growth if future conditions remain calm. The dead zone will eventually dissipate in the autumn as water temperatures cool and oxygen-rich waters become well mixed.

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She commented on the survey results in a statement :. Past research indicates that hypoxia can take a week to reform in the summer after major wind events such as the recent passage of Hurricane Barry. We found that, despite the storm, the zone reformed and was in the process of rapidly expanding.

The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has harmful effects on marine life and fisheries, and so scientists have set a target to have the dead zone grow to no larger than 1, square miles square km on average with data collected over a five year period by To achieve such a remedial goal, further reductions in nutrient runoff from farms and urban areas will be necessary. Trend in the size of the dead zone that forms each summer in the Gulf of Mexico. Bottom line: A large dead zone formed in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer of The violation of any of these Regulations shall be sufficient grounds for the revocation, cancellation, or suspension of the certificate provided therein, after notice and hearing.

What Causes Ocean "Dead Zones"? - Scientific American

Incinerators, or compost units shall be designed constructed and maintained in a manner capable of providing a method of disposal of dead swine carcasses in a manner to prevent the spread of disease. Each such unit shall be utilized in such a manner as to dispose of the contents thereof effectively.

The Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico dead zone

Disposal units shall be of a design, and constructed in a manner, approved by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health. Further that the composter or incinerator unit be located at least feet from the property line or feet from the nearest dwelling. In cases of catastrophic loss, emergency permits for disposal can be granted by contacting the Mississippi Board of Animal Health.

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